Jane Katharina di Renzo born 1987 in Heide Holstein (North of Germany) is an oil painter, designer and photographer based in Berlin. 2005 she moved to Berlin, because of the creativitiy and possibilities. Now she is studing Communication Design on the Berliner Technische Kunsthochschule till 2011. In Jane Katharina di Renzos photography world view is not based in reality, but offers a view on reality. She plays in her Photography with every conceptual aspect abstract from its situation, documents reality with an ironic spirit, and allows her models the highest freedom to project themselves how they will into the experiment, subliminally pushing the envelope. From her methods, a super-reality manifests: She forms an surreal reality to act. She loves to push the people to get out of the box into her own extremely side. In her Portraits she works very closed together with the models, that her portrait get a very intensive expression. Her Influences are people and stories on street. In the circle of very different scenen, homosexual, artist and electro music scene in which she moved, is her based influence.